Mycey Bebek ve Hamile Bayan Ürünleri
The story of Mycey is actually Baby Ceyla's story.While I was growing Ceyla that I had given birth to in May 2006, I have passed through the stages that so many mothers did and I've had many difficulties. I have accumulated so many stuff to ease my mission at home even before Ceyla has come to my life. And life has started after experiencing that fabulous feeling when I took her in my arms. As you all know, it was different and I had moments that I have really struggled. It was necessary to generate some solutions to overcome these difficulties that we have encountered with my daughter. While Ceyla was growing by discovering something new every day, I felt like we should't deprive all other mothers of these solutions. All mothers should be taking advantage of the solutions that we have been making use of. That's why MyCey products are here with you since January 2007 to facilitate the lives of mothers and the sweetest babies.